Tubiolo’s party switch betrays voters

‘Where Do Voters Go to Get Their Vote Back’

David Tubiolo’s party switch is a betrayal of the voters who
in November elected a Republican with Republican values to serve as their
County Legislator.

One month into his two-year term, Tubiolo has abandoned the
people and principles that brought him to victory. His action is a sad example
of a political gaming the system to advance his personal ambitions.

The question for Tubiolo is: “Where do voters go to get
their vote back?” Sadly, they can’t.

Democracy is weakened by political schemes to create …

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Cuomo “Green Lights” Drivers’ Licenses for Illegal Aliens – A Slap in the Face to New York’s Citizens

Cuomo “Green Lights” Drivers’ Licenses for Illegal Aliens – A Slap in the Face to New York’s Citizens

Westchester Republican County Committee Chairman Douglas Colety said, ‘In the latest slap in the face to New York’s citizens (and common sense), Governor Cuomo and his radical, reality-free Democrats have passed a law giving drivers’ licenses to illegal immigrants.’

‘The “Green Light” law, which is a multi-car crack up in the making, begs the question how much stupidity can one piece of legislation contain? It is hostile to the rule of law, creates yet another unfunded Albany mandate, diverts scarce resources away from our citizens and …

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In George Latimer’s World: Women Are “Babes” and Taxpayers Fools County Executive Owes Constituent an Apology

In George Latimer’s World: Women Are “Babes” and Taxpayers Fools County Executive Owes Constituent an Apology

When is it ok to make misogynistic comments? When they are directed at a Republican woman and made by the Democrat County Executive George Latimer.

this is all part of a pattern of double standards, double talk and double-digit
taxation that have become the hallmarks of Westchester Democrats since they
brought one-party rule to the County Executive’s Office and County Board of


Executive Latimer recently went after a woman on Facebook – Denise Ward, a
Republican who among her many accomplishments happens to be the Secretary of
the Westchester County Bar …

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Trump campaign & Westchester GOP to open two Trump-Pence offices

Trump campaign & Westchester GOP to open two Trump-Pence offices

WESTCHESTER COUNTY, NY – Donald Trump will have a ground game in Westchester County going into the November elections. On Friday, the Trump New York Campaign will join the Westchester Republican County Committee to open two victory center field offices in Westchester County.

These offices will conduct volunteer activities including phone banks, door-to-door, sign distribution and get out the vote operations. Trump has a strong presence in Westchester County with many beautiful local properties, a golf course and a state park …

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IRS: Boak’s Charity Spent Mostly On Salaries, Little For Victims

ALBANY, NY – Alison Boak was recently excoriated by the press for failing to disclose her income on her state ethics disclosure form. Now, new revelations surround Boak’s relationship with her Chicago-based, taxpayer-funded charity that threaten to sink her 40th Senate District campaign.

The International Organization for Adolescents’ (IOFA) goal is to combat human trafficking, according to its website. However, its financials tell a different story.

Scott Reif, a spokesperson for the Senate Republican Campaign Committee said “It’s galling that while taking in over $1 million in …

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40th SD Dem candidates tainted by yet another scandal

ALBANY, NY – Alison Boak’s 40th Senate District campaign faces major ethical questions today after her recently-filed 2015 ethics form revealed she failed to disclose interests and income from a non-profit corporation she controls and other business ventures. Her primary opponent, Andrew Falk, has similar disclosure errors and omissions on his filing, which raises serious ethical inquiries about both candidates.

In 2015, Boak is known to have served as a Pound Ridge Town Councilperson and a “leader in residence” at New York University, but the positions …

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Scandal-tarred Ali Boak flubs fundraising filing

POUND RIDGE, NY – This past week was the New York State campaign finance filing deadline, when challengers and incumbents demonstrate their financial mettle. Alison Boak, a Democratic candidate who launched a self-hyped campaign and has hosted eight fundraisers, quietly filed Friday night after an underwhelming fundraising performance.

Her “Friends of Alison” Boak filing reveals she has just $52,441 in the bank, a six-to-one-deficit behind State Senator Terrence Murphy, who filed with nearly $280,000.

“The July filing demonstrates Ali Boak’s out of touch, scandal plagued candidacy is …

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De Blasio’s Handpicked, tax troubled candidate nominated in 40th Senate District






Mayor Bill de Blasio is at it again trying to influence control of the State Senate, this time through Pound Ridge resident Alison Boak, who recently received the Democratic nomination in the 40th Senate District with barely 40% of the vote. Boak, whose campaign is being run by Team de Blasio, is likely to face a primary from fellow Democrats Deborah Carter-Costello and Andrew Falk, who has secured the Working Families Party endorsement.

Senate Republican spokesperson Scott Reif said, “Bill de Blasio is once again trying his …

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Falk’s Credibility Questioned

Democrats are struggling to find a credible candidate in the race for the 40th Senate District. Andrew Falk, a lawyer and lobbyist from Patterson, recently made several statements to The Putnam Examiner that are both factually inaccurate and easily disproved. Now, Republicans are demanding a retraction.

Doug Colety, chairman of the Westchester Republican County Committee, said it is important for candidates to check their facts. “How can Andrew Falk hope to represent the people of the Hudson Valley when he doesn’t understand some of the most …

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5 Days to Victory!

5 Days to Victory!

With only 5 days left to Get Out The Vote (GOTV), headquarters is ’round the clock to elect Rob Astorino as our next governor!

Please join me at our Westchester GOP/Astorino for Governor Phonebank:

214 Mamaroneck Avenue (corner of Maple Avenue), White Plains
Monday through Saturday: 10:00 am to 8:30 pm
Sundays: 12:00 to 8:30 pm

**Westchester GOP HQ offering ‘Dine & Dash’ Sandwiches or Pizza every night 5:00pm – 5:30pm followed by Dash to phones**

You can also stop the following locations, including Bedford, Eastchester and Yonkers!

222 Bloomingdale Road, Suite …

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Westchester Republican Chairman calls for investigation of Obama campaign & Greenburgh Supervisor

Westchester GOP Chairman Doug Colety today called on New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman to conduct an investigation of the Obama campaign and Town of Greenburgh officials for using taxpayer-owned facilities to conduct a political campaign.  Town officials allowed Greenburgh Town Hall to be used by the Obama-Biden campaign to conduct a campaign phonebank over a two-month period.

Said Chairman Colety: “The taxpayers of Greenburgh are being ripped off by the Obama campaign and Greenburgh’s Democratic leadership and I am calling on the New York …

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Liar, liar, filing on fire: ‘Wacky Wagner’ caught in lie

According to Wacky Wagner’s official campaign website, “Democrat Justin Wagner’s campaign will report raising more than $210,000 this fundraising cycle” yet a quick review of the state board of elections shows the candidate is short on facts, by a cool $100,000.

Westchester County Republican Chairman Doug Colety commented today, saying “Even during a struggling economy, when most other responsible candidates are focused on job creation and lowering taxes, this extremist is focused on raising taxes, increasing Albany spending and outsourcing our jobs. The fact that he …

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Oppenheimer Can’t Have It Both Ways On MTA Payroll Tax

Last week, the State Legislature repealed the unfair, job-killing MTA Payroll Tax for more than 80% of the businesses that were taxed to support the bloated MTA budget.

Incredibly, State Senator State Senator Suzi Oppenheimer (D-Mamaroneck) issued a statement touting the Payroll Tax repeal, as if businesses would forget that she also  provided the deciding vote to pass the MTA Payroll Tax two years ago.

“The MTA payroll tax was absurd and never made sense in the first place,” said Westchester Republican County Committee Chairman Doug Colety. …

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Westchester County GOP Chairman criticizes Westchester Assembly Democrats for failure to pass Cuomo property tax cap bill

Westchester County Republican Chairman Doug Colety today criticized Assemblymembers Latimer, Abinanti, Paulin and Pretlow for failing to support Governor Cuomo’s property tax cap bill on April 11th, even though the average Westchester County taxpayer pays more than $10,500 in property taxes and is saddled with the high tax burden in the country.

“Despite the fact that Westchester County taxpayers are drowning in high property taxes, Westchester’s Assembly Democrat delegation refused to make property tax relief a priority,” said Chairman Colety.  “They aren’t listening to Westchester County …

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Colety Elected County GOP Chairman

The Westchester GOP Executive Committee unanimously chose Douglas Colety of New Rochelle as the new Westchester Republican County Committee Chairman. The vote took place on Wednesday, June 27, 2007..

Colety said, “I am humbled by the support of the Executive Committee and I am committed to working hard with my fellow Republicans countywide to earn their confidence as we move forward in a unified way to rebuild our Party.”

Colety’s pledged to strengthen the Westchester GOP by energizing the grassroots of the party. Said Colety, “While we …

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