Kevin Byrne for Assembly

12705708_347860572004566_1367304795486841080_nPatriotism, service, and faith in God and America have guided Kevin Byrne throughout his life—a life that he’s felt blessed to spend as a resident of the 94th Assembly District.

The third child of hardworking parents, Kevin was taught by his dad, Dan, a high-voltage troubleshooter at Con Edison, and his mom, Patty, a 20-year employee of Putnam Hospital Center, to always do his best and be a good citizen. One of the proudest moments of his youth was when he earned the rank of Eagle Scout. After he graduated from Carmel High School, Kevin headed to the University of Scranton, hoping to go from there into the Army through the ROTC program.

Kevin’s aspiration to military service was jeopardized by a severe injury he’d sustained as a competitive student wrestler. Hoping to qualify for the Army physical, Kevin even had painful surgery to remove the metal rod that had been used to repair his broken spine—to no avail. Despite that, Kevin did complete the academic portion of the ROTC program, and he determined to continue being patriotic in every way he could, focusing intensely on public service in his volunteer activities, work, and political commitments.

As a volunteer, Kevin has continued his commitment to the Boy Scouts as an assistant scoutmaster; he has served on the Putnam Valley planning board; and he’s been a firefighter and EMT for many years, including been honored with three terms as president of his local volunteer fire department.

In his career, Kevin started in public service as an intern for Congresswoman Sue Kelly; a few years later his devotion to constituent service was recognized by Congresswoman Nan Hayworth in appointing him deputy district director. More recently, Kevin’s helped people and families suffering from cardiovascular disease as regional director of the American Heart Association. While working full-time, he also completed his graduate studies at Marist College, from which he received an MPA in Health Care Administration in 2015.

Having been proud to register as a Republican when he turned 18, Kevin has assisted dozens of campaigns to assure that our conservative candidates win. Refusing to be a “rubber stamp” for any political party or power structure, Kevin has always been eager to learn and to make decisions based on facts and common sense. His values and principles have consistently found a home in the Republican Party, and he’s never wavered from that affiliation.

In dedication to the party, Kevin served as secretary of the Putnam County Republican Committee for four years and as an alternate judicial delegate for five years, and he’s currently completing his first term as vice chairman of the Putnam County Republican Committee. Kevin was one of four charter members to re-establish the Young Republicans in Putnam County, a club that was recognized nationally as “Small Club of the Year” when he was its president in 2013.

In October 2013 Kevin married the love of his life, Briana Messina (also a Putnam County native and graduate of Carmel High School), who has a busy career as a physician assistant (PA) at Montefiore Hospital. Kevin and Briana decided to make their home where they grew up, right here in the 94th Assembly District. But the sad fact is that most of their friends and classmates from youth have moved out of New York. A generation is being lost, and we all know the reasons: high taxes; out-of-control government spending; corrupt politics; and jobs fleeing the avalanche of mandates that make life impossible for small businesses to survive.

It is to reverse this decline that Kevin is putting his lifelong conservative principles to work in running to represent us in the State Assembly.

As Kevin pledged in announcing his candidacy, “We need to bring back the generation we’re losing—and as a member of that generation, I’m determined to lead the charge for change.”