Tubiolo’s party switch betrays voters

‘Where Do Voters Go to Get Their Vote Back’

David Tubiolo’s party switch is a betrayal of the voters who in November elected a Republican with Republican values to serve as their County Legislator.

One month into his two-year term, Tubiolo has abandoned the people and principles that brought him to victory. His action is a sad example of a political gaming the system to advance his personal ambitions.

The question for Tubiolo is: “Where do voters go to get their vote back?” Sadly, they can’t.

Democracy is weakened by political schemes to create “safe” seats insulated from the will of the people. The Republican Party is eager to overturn Tubiolo’s betrayal of the voters and retake this County Legislature seat and other seats across Westchester in the upcoming general elections.

Elections matter and character counts. The future of the Republican Party is strong because it stands as protection for the people against the radical, left wing, lunatic policies of the Democrats that have emerged from their one-party rule.

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