Meet our County Candidates

The Westchester County Republican Committee’s primary mission is to elect candidates to countywide office including the County Executive, County Clerk, District Attorney and members of the Board of Legislators.

The members of the Westchester County Board of Legislators have been fighting to cut property taxes, create jobs and make Westchester a more affordable place to live.

Our 2019 endorsed candidates are:

  • Frank Catalina, 1st District
  • Gina Arena, 2nd District
  • Legislator Margaret Cunzio, 3rd District
  • Michael Grace, 4th District
  • Bob Outhouse, 9th District
  • Chris Garitee, 10th District
  • Legislator David Tubiolo, 14th District
  • Legislator Gordon Burrows, 15th District
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Douglas A. Colety was elected the 14th Chairman of the Westchester Republican County Committee in 2007, after having served seven years as the committee’s Secretary. He was re-elected as county chairman in 2009 and 2011.

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