Trump campaign & Westchester GOP to open two Trump-Pence offices

Trump campaign & Westchester GOP to open two Trump-Pence offices

WESTCHESTER COUNTY, NY – Donald Trump will have a ground game in
Westchester County going into the November elections. On Friday, the Trump New York Campaign will join the Westchester Republican County Committee to open two victory center field offices in Westchester County.

These offices will conduct volunteer activities including phone banks, door-to-door, sign distribution and get out the vote operations. Trump has a strong presence in Westchester County with many beautiful local properties, a golf course and a state park which bear his name, and family members that reside here.

Westchester Republican County Committee Chairman Doug Colety said, “In past presidential years, we’ve seen our volunteers head to other states, but not this time. Westchester County is on the map, it is a battleground, and with countywide races at stake, these victory centers will put resources into the field in the areas they are needed.”

The opening for the White Plains field office is scheduled at 11:00 a.m. which will be followed at 1:00 p.m. by the opening of the Yorktown office. Campaign officials, VIPs and volunteers will be on hand for both events.

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