Scandal-tarred Ali Boak flubs fundraising filing

POUND RIDGE, NY – This past week was the New York State campaign finance filing deadline, when challengers and incumbents demonstrate their financial mettle. Alison Boak, a Democratic candidate who launched a self-hyped campaign and has hosted eight fundraisers, quietly filed Friday night after an underwhelming fundraising performance.

Her “Friends of Alison” Boak filing reveals she has just $52,441 in the bank, a six-to-one-deficit behind State Senator Terrence Murphy, who filed with nearly $280,000.

“The July filing demonstrates Ali Boak’s out of touch, scandal plagued candidacy is already dead on arrival in the hearts, minds and wallets of Hudson Valley voters. Maybe Mayor de Blasio should have picked his candidate more carefully,” said Scott Reif, a spokesperson for the Senate Republican Campaign Committee.

Boak’s filing also shows payments to Red Horse LLC, a consulting firm that has been subpoenaed by federal and city prosecutors in the ongoing criminal investigation into Mayor Bill de Blasio’s campaign finance operation. She previously declined to comment on her relationship with Red Horse when the subpoenas were issued in May.

Reif suggested that reports Boak’s Florida Vacation Rental License was delinquent and that he has previously operated without a license damaged her standing with potential donors. Although Boak’s license is still currently delinquent, the house is available for rent in online listings, and a July 2015 Florida police report, one of fifteen since Boak purchased the house, indicates the property is still generating nuisance complaints with neighbors.

Boak, who lost a Town Board race in 2009 and Town Supervisor race in 2013, was elected unopposed to the Pound Ridge Town Board in 2011 and defeated for re-election in 2015.

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