Judicial Candidates

Judicial Candidates

The Westchester Republican County Committee helps elect qualified Republican Judges to the 9th State Supreme Court District, which includes Westchester County, as well as Westchester County Court, Westchester Family Court and Westchester County Surrogate’s Court.

Judicial nominating conventions are held in September. Current elected Republican Judges in Westchester County include:

State Supreme Court

  • Hon. Mark Dillon, Appellate Division, 2nd Department
  • Hon. Mary Smith
  • Hon. Thomas Dickerson, Appellate Division, 2nd Department
  • Hon. Linda Jamieson
  • Hon. Charley Wood
  • Hon. John W. Sweeny, Appellate Division, 1st Department

Our candidates for 2020 include:

  • Ken Bunting, Westchester Family Court Judge
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Douglas A. Colety was elected the 14th Chairman of the Westchester Republican County Committee in 2007, after having served seven years as the committee’s Secretary. He was re-elected as county chairman in 2009 and 2011.