Liar, liar, filing on fire: ‘Wacky Wagner’ caught in lie

According to Wacky Wagner’s official campaign website, “Democrat Justin Wagner’s campaign will report raising more than $210,000 this fundraising cycle” yet a quick review of the state board of elections shows the candidate is short on facts, by a cool $100,000.

Westchester County Republican Chairman Doug Colety commented today, saying “Even during a struggling economy, when most other responsible candidates are focused on job creation and lowering taxes, this extremist is focused on raising taxes, increasing Albany spending and outsourcing our jobs. The fact that he boldly played loose with the facts, hoping to gain media attention by slyly bolstering an anemic filing, shows that not only is Wagner too extreme to serve, it also shows he evidently lacks basic integrity.”

Putnam County Republican Chairman Jim DiBella, expressed similar concerns saying, “Wagner needs to be held accountable and should issue a formal correction and apology. While his extreme tax and spend policies are already placing his candidacy in question, he still has the opportunity to salvage his integrity. If he can’t be trusted to be truthful with a finical report how can he be trusted to be a public servant?”

Dutchess County Republican Chairman Michael McCormack said, “What a ridiculous first step for a candidate to take, especially a candidate as extreme as Wagner, to lie to both the press and the community about such a trivial detail. The last thing we need is another self serving, big talking politician in Albany who plays hard with the people’s money and lose with the facts.”

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Douglas A. Colety was elected the 14th Chairman of the Westchester Republican County Committee in 2007, after having served seven years as the committee’s Secretary. He was re-elected as county chairman in 2009 and 2011.